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Wear of metals in sucrose solutions

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The authors studied the wear of steel St. 5 rubbing against cast iron SCh 15–32, bronzes BrOTsS 5-5-5 and Br. AZh 9-4, and babbitt BN in aqueous solutions containing up to 80% sucrose. It was established that at sucrose concentrations of up to 60% the maximum resistance to wear is displayed by the St. 5/Br. OTsS 5-5-5 combination and the minimum by the St. 5/BN combination. At sucrose concentrations of above 60%, abrasive wear, associated with the presence of sucrose crystals, becomes predominant. In these circumstances the St. 5/SCh 15–32 combination shows the least wear and the St. 5/BN combination the largest. Both the extent of wear and the friction coefficient of the combination St. 5/Br. AZh 9-4 continuously decrease with increasing sucrose concentration.

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  • Iron
  • Aqueous Solution
  • Sucrose
  • Friction Coefficient
  • Cast Iron