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The isoforms of C protein and their distribution in mammalian skeletal muscle

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A monoclonal antibody that is specific for the slow skeletal muscle isoform of C protein of rabbit muscle has been prepared by immunizing mice with a crude preparation of human myosin. It reacted with the X protein fraction of rabbit skeletal muscle and stained all type I cells in this tissue. It also stained a fraction of the type II cells with varying intensities. The type II cells staining with antibody to slow C protein also stained with a polyclonal antibody prepared against rabbit fast muscle C protein. The type II cells not staining with antibody to slow C protein stained strongly with antibody to fast C protein. In the human skeletal muscle antibody to slow C protein stained all cells whereas antibody to fast C stained only type II cells. It is concluded that the distribution of the isoforms of C protein in adult vertebrate skeletal muscle is more complex than is the case with proteins such as components of the troponin complex.

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