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Influence of spinal cord stimulation upon myosin light chain and tropomyosin subunit expression in a fast muscle (posterior latissimus dorsi) of the chick embryo

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Latissimus dorsi muscles of the chick consist of a slow (ALD) and a fast (PLD) muscle. The influence of chronic spinal cord stimulation in the chick embryo upon the expression of myosin light chains and tropomyosin subunits was investigated. Early in development the two muscles exhibited the same ratio of α- and β-tropomyosin subunits. Later, in the slow muscle the ratio β:α decreased and in chicken the amounts of the two components were about the same. In the fast muscle, the α-subunit increased and reached 66% in young chicken. In the early stages of embryonic development, both muscles accumulated slow and fast light chains. However, in ALD the amount of slow light chains was greater than that of fast light chains and the reverse was observed in PLD muscle. Later during development, the slow components decreased in PLD while the fast components increased; the reverse was observed in ALD muscle. The fast myosin LC3f has been detected in 18-day-old embryonic PLD.

Chronic spinal cord stimulation at a low rhytm was performed from day 10 of embryonic development to day 15 or 16. In both muscles from spinal cord-stimulated embryos, the β-tropomyosin subunit was lower than in control embryos. In ALD, the pattern of light chains was unaffected by chronic stimulation while in PLD muscle the slow and fast components were modified. In particular the ratio LCs:LCf was increased in spinal cord-stimulated embryos with regard to controls.

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