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Assignment of the linkage group EAM-TYRP2-TPP2 to chromosome 11 in pigs byin situ hybridization mapping of the TPP2 gene


Restriction fragment length polymorphisms are described for the genes coding for tripeptidyl peptidase II (TPP2) and tyrosinase related protein II (TYRP2) in pigs. A linkage group comprising these loci and the locus for blood group M (EAM) was established by two-point lod score analysis in a three-generation pedigree. Multipoint analysis indicated the linear order EAM-1.1-TYRP2-8.4-TPP2 (recombination distances are given as Kosambi cM). The linkage group was assigned to porcine chromosome 11—the first on this chromosome—throughin situ hybridization mapping of the TPP2 gene. TPP2 is the first gene localized on this chromosome usingin situ hybridization.

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Chowdhary, B.P., Johansson, M., Gu, F. et al. Assignment of the linkage group EAM-TYRP2-TPP2 to chromosome 11 in pigs byin situ hybridization mapping of the TPP2 gene. Chromosome Res 1, 175–179 (1993).

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  • In situ hybridization mapping
  • TPP2
  • porcine chromosome II
  • Sus scrofa domestica