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Human cardiac transplants diagnosis of rejection by endomyocardial biopsy causes of death (about 30 autopsies)

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1,000 endomyocardial biopsies performed in 110 patients treated by cardiac graft were reviewed. These biopsies permitted early detection of acute rejection after cyclosporin treatment and a good appreciation of its intensity. By this method, almost all rejection episodes were resolved after adequate treatment. Chronic rejection was diagnosed by arteriography used in vivo or in cardiac transplants removed by surgery or necropsy. Rejection provoked an obliterative fibrous endarteritis often complicated by atherosclerosis and its ischaemic consequences.

34 autopsies were performed in patients dead at a variable time after cardiac or cardio-pulmonary transplantation. In early death (14 cases), graft failure and systemic disorders were observed. Acute and chronic rejection was noted less frequently (9 cases). Systemic infections (10 cases) occured either early (post-surgical complications) or late (bacterial, fungal and parasitic lesions). In one case, death was due to a contemporaneous bladder carcinoma.

The complications of cyclosporin treatment are briefly discussed.

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An antifungic agent (cyclic peptid) isolated from Trichoderma polysporum, with probable

An antifungic agent (cyclic peptid) isolated from Trichoderma polysporum, with probable

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