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The improved synthesis and crystal structure of 20-thiocrown-4

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An improved synthesis of 20-thiocrown-4 is reported, which exploits the Kellogg method of cesium carbonate in DMF mediated macrocyclization of precondensed synthones which converge at the cycloicosane structure. The crystal structure of 20-thiocrown-4 reveals a rectangular conformation for the free ligand. Each sulfur is in onegauche and oneanti torsion angle. Four carbon positions make up the corners. There are two short sides comprised of −C−C− torsion angle sequencesg ag and two long sides (aaa, g ag+). The S−C and C−C bond distances average 1.816(2) Å and 1.523(3) Å, respectively.

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Correspondence to Robin D. Rogers or Leo A. Ochrymowycz.

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Supplementary data relating to this article are deposited with the British Library as Supplementary Publication No. SUP 82147 (9 pages)

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Rogers, R.D., Henry, R.F., Ochrymowycz, L.A. et al. The improved synthesis and crystal structure of 20-thiocrown-4. J Incl Phenom Macrocycl Chem 15, 145–152 (1993).

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Key words

  • 20-thiocrown-4
  • X-ray crystal structure
  • crown ether