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Classical electrodynamics with nonlocal constitutive equations

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It is assumed that the coupling of the field quantities Dμv(x) and F αβ (x) is nonlocal. This hypothesis leads to a theory of an electromagnetic field that has the following properties.(1) The source of the field F αβ (x) exhibits a center of charge and a center of mass that do not coincide, in general.(2) The field componentF 0i=−c2Ei is regular at the origin.(3) In the first-order approximation the new field equations are equivalent to the conventional Maxwell field equations.(4) The conventional cutoff procedure in momentum space as practiced in the Maxwell-Lorentz theory is equivalent to the first-order approximation in terms of an invariant length ξ2.(5) The gyromagnetic ratio of the source of F αβ (x) is equal toc/mc for a quantum of chargee and massm.

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