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Localization of type III procollagen aminopeptide antigenicity in hepatocytes from cirrhotic human liver

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Immunolocalization of type III procollagen (pro III) in normal and cirrhotic human liver was studied using rabbit antiserum specific for bovine type III procollagen aminopeptide. The material examined was deparaffinized, trypsin-treated hepatic tissue sections from 28 autopsy cases, including 19 cirrhotic and 9 normal liver donors. Immunostaining, performed by the unlabeled peroxidase-antiperoxidase antibody technique demonstrated that extracellular matrices corresponding to perisinusoidal reticulin, collagen in periportal areas, and blood vessel walls were the common sites of pro III antigenicity in both normal and cirrhotic liver. Moreover, in the cirrhotic liver, the fibrous septa of pseudolobules, and cytoplasm of hepatocytes and sinusoidal cells were positive when stained for pro III peptide. The differential counts of pro III positive cells in cirrhotic liver, however, revealed that the average ratio of these hepatocytes to sinusoidal cells was 25 to 1, indicating complete dominance of hepatocytes with respect to stainability for pro III peptide compared to sinusoidal cells. In hepatocellular carcinomas co-existing with cirrhosis, neoplastic cells also displayed pro III antigenicity.

These data suggest that hepatocytes of cirrhotic liver and hepatocellular carcinoma cells play a significant role in type III collagen synthesis in vivo.

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Correspondence to Kooko Sakakibara.

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The paper on this problem was read at the International Symposium on Pathobiology of Hepatic Fibrosis held in Matsue, Japan, on June 16, 1985

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