Metal Science and Heat Treatment

, Volume 29, Issue 12, pp 911–913 | Cite as

Investigation of the properties of corrosion-resistant superferritic

  • V. I. Sarrak
  • S. O. Suvorova
  • A. D. Goronkova
  • I. S. Golovin
Metal And Technical Progress (A Continuation)


It is recommended to use steels 01Kh25T, 01Kh25TB, and 01Kh25MT for making parts departing in aggressive media, instead of alloys containing nickel and other metals in short supply.


Nickel Short Supply Aggressive Medium 
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  • V. I. Sarrak
  • S. O. Suvorova
  • A. D. Goronkova
  • I. S. Golovin

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