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TheO, O′-dibenzoyl derivative of (R, R)-tartaric acid as a host compound for simple organic ethers

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TheO, O′-dibenzoyl derivative of (R, R)-tartaric acid shows a good inclusion ability for diethyl and di-n-propol ethers. The two crystalline inclusion compounds have 1:1 stoichiometry and reveal isomorphous structures. Hydrogen bonded host molecules form chains running along thez axis of the unit cell and guest molecules join to these chains by short O−H...O hydrogen bonds. Hydrogen bonding in the crystals is characterized by a C(7)D first-order network. The ether molecules are in a fully extended conformation. They are accommodated in channel-like voids running along thex axis. Atomic displacement parameters are significantly larger for diethyl ether than for the di-n-propyl ether molecule reflecting less dense packing for this inclusion compound.

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Correspondence to Urszula Rychlewska.

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  • (R, R)-Tartaric acid derivatives
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