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An instantaneous 3-D analysis of turbulent flow in the wake of a hemisphere

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Instantaneous three-dimensional velocity fields in the wake of a hemisphere located on an open channel bed are obtained by using multi-section flow visualization and a Mass-Consistent model. Instantaneous pictures of the organized structures are taken at a short time interval to investigate their behaviors at high Reynolds number. At high Reynolds number, the large vortex in the hemisphere wake is similar to the hairpin vortex observed at low Reynolds number. However, the long legs of the hairpin in the streamwise direction are not observed. A secondary hairpin vortex has been generated on the upstream side of the large hairpin vortex. Instantaneous spatial distributions of fluctuating velocity, vorticity production, etc. are presented and discussed.

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Kawanisi, K., Maghrebi, M.F. & Yokosi, S. An instantaneous 3-D analysis of turbulent flow in the wake of a hemisphere. Boundary-Layer Meteorol 64, 1–14 (1993). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00705660

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  • Vortex
  • Reynolds Number
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