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Euglena gracilis chloroplastpsbB, psbT, psbH andpsbN gene cluster: Regulation ofpsbB-psbT pre-mRNA processing


A 2.4 kb region of theEuglena gracilis chloroplast genome containing the genespsbT, psbH andpsbN was characterized. The mRNAs transcribed frompsbB, psbT, psbH andpsbN were analyzed by northern hybridization, S1 nuclease protection analysis and primer extension RNA sequencing. The gene pairspsbB psbT andpsbH-psbN are cotranscribed from opposite strands. The 5′ end of thepsbN-psbH transcript and the intercistronic cleavage sites betweenpsbB-psbT and psbN-psbH were determined. The extent ofpsbB-psbT intercistronic cleavage is greater during photoautotrophic than heterotrophic growth and thus may be developmentally regulated. Processing is absent in the nonphotosyntheticE. gracilis mutant Y9Z1NaL.

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