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Sclerotherapy of esophageal varices by consecutive injection of anhydrous ethanol: 1% polydocanol and thrombin


In 1978, the first Japanese report of sclerotherapy with the flexible esophagoscope was published. At the Second Meeting of the Japanese Society of Sclerotherapy for Esophageal Varices (August 1986), reports were given on over 4000 cases treated by over 70 groups of endoscopists using various methods and sclerosants. These cases included 15 (about 0.4%) in which esophageal perforation occurred, and other complications, some fatal, were also reported. The main problem is to reduce the frequency of these serious complications. Over 400 cases have been treated by the authors in the past 3 years with a method involving consecutive injections of anhydrous ethanol when it is certain that the needle is in the varices. If there is any possibility of the needle being dislocated, 3–5 ml 1% polydocanol is administered instead. Weekly injections should be repeated until all varices have been sclerosized. No major complications have been observed, and the results are satisfactory [7].

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Correspondence to Yoshiya Kumagai.

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The study reported in this paper was funded by a grant from the Tokai Club Foundation

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Kumagai, Y., Makuuchi, H. & Yamazaki, E. Sclerotherapy of esophageal varices by consecutive injection of anhydrous ethanol: 1% polydocanol and thrombin. Surg Endosc 1, 29–32 (1987).

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Key words

  • Esophagogastric varices
  • Endoscopic sclerotherapy
  • Consecutive injection of anhydrous ethanol, 1% polydocanol and thrombin