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  • Proceedings Of The US-Italy International Conference On Organic Chemistry At Clusters And Surfaces, Piemonte, Italy (July 26–31, 1992)—Part II Of III
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Some relationships between metal cluster chemistry and heterogeneous catalysis

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Some analogies between organometallic chemistry and surface chemistry are developed. Comparison of Lewis acid promoted CO insertion and Zn2+ promotion of oxygenates in the hydroformylation of C2H4 over Rh, suggests that Zn2+ interaction with Rh-CO may promote migratory insertion which favors hydroformylation over hydrogenation of alkenes. CCO, which is observed in metal clusters should be a viable surface species. Finally, parallels can be found between the positioning of oxygen in clusters and on surfaces.

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  • Metal clusters
  • heterogeneous catalysis
  • organometallics
  • oxide
  • sulfide
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