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Some derivatives of pregna-D6′-pentaranes as possible antagonists of progesterone


Some derivatives of progestins of the pregna-D6′-pentarane series have been obtained and examined for their possible hormonal and antihormonal activity in the Clauberg-McPhail assay as well as in the pregnancy maintenance test in ovariectomized rabbits. 16α, 17α-Cyclohexanoprogesterones of the 19-methyl and 19-nor series (1–4) saturated in ring A, which are inactive as progestins, exhibited a remarkable antiprogesterone effect. They decreased the McPhail index under combined administration with progesterone in a dose-dependable manner and completely inhibited the action of the latter in the pregnancy maintenance test.

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Translated fromIzvestiya Akademii Nauk. Seriya Khimicheskaya, No. 3, pp. 564–567, March, 1995.

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Levina, I.S., Nikitina, G.V., Kulikova, L.E. et al. Some derivatives of pregna-D6′-pentaranes as possible antagonists of progesterone. Russ Chem Bull 44, 547–550 (1995).

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Key words

  • pentarane
  • progestin
  • Clauberg-McPhail assay
  • antihormonal action
  • progesterone