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Effect of methods used to arrange components for carburizing and quench cooling on the deformation of gears

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    The method used to arrange components for carburizing exerts a significant influence on the variation in the shape of the slotted opening and on deformation along the diameter of the slotted opening, along the width of the slotted grooves, and along the length of the overall normal as a result of quenching when the components are in both the horizontal and suspended positions.

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    The difference in deformation during quenching of components in the horizontal and suspended positions is of little significance, with the exception of the deformation across the width of the slotted grooves.

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    For conditions under which gears are series produced, it is possible to recommend that disc wheels with slotted openings be charged in a shaft furnace in the flat (horizontal) position.

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    The influence exerted by the factors under investigation on quenching deformation must be evaluated with allowance for the "sensitivity" of the individual structural elements of the specimens (gear rim, slotted grooves in the openings, etc.) to technological effects during carburizing and quenching.

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Kurgan Machine-Building Institute. All-Union Scientific-Research and Design Technological Institute of Coal-Mining Machine. Building. Translated from Metallovedenie i Termicheskaya Obrabotka Metallov, No. 12, pp. 11–14, December, 1985.

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Murzin, V.A., Kurilova, S.B., Koshkareva, L.I. et al. Effect of methods used to arrange components for carburizing and quench cooling on the deformation of gears. Met Sci Heat Treat 27, 886–891 (1985).

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