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Changes of the endexpiratory level and the utilization of lung reserve volumes during exercise

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The endexpiratory lung volume was measured at various levels of minute ventilation during exercise by the nitrogen wash-out method in 22 healthy young subjects. Tidal volume increases only from the inspiratory reserve volume until it reaches the value of 40% of the vital capacity. There is no shift of the endexpiratory position. With a tidal volume larger than 40% of the vital capacity the endexpiratory lung volume decreases, which means that the tidal volume has even increased at the expense of the expiratory reserve volume. No differences were found between men and women providing that all values are expressed as a percentage of the total lung capacity.

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Vávra, J., Máček, M. Changes of the endexpiratory level and the utilization of lung reserve volumes during exercise. Int. Z. Angew. Physiol. Einschl. Arbeitsphysiol. 26, 124–130 (1968).

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