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Etude de la bioénergétique ventilatoire au cours de l'exercice musculaire en altitude


At an altitude of 2,300 metres, dynamic pulmonary work increases with the level of muscular activity demanded, although the drop in atmospheric pressure tends to reduce it somewhat.

This work (or corresponding rate of respiration) represents only a relatively small fraction of the maximum work which can be determined during M.B.C. and F.V.C. tests.

Moreover, expressed as a metabolical energy expended by the respiratory muscles, this work does not constitute a limitation where muscular activity, at the altitude referred to, is concerned.

However, it would seem advisable to avoid hasty generalization. The three subjects tested were neither trained for the muscular exercise, nor acclimatized to altitude. Only one of them, with 175 watts after twenty minutes exercise, certainly achieved the maximum of his capabilities.

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