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Second-stage enrichment in the laser separation of carbon isotopes


There is a general agreement that efficient infrafed laser induced separation of carbon isotopes requires a two-stage process. An efficient first stage 1%→50%13C enrichment was shown by Gauthier et al. [1] to be feasible and competitive with conventional technology. In this work, second-stage CO2 laser enrichment of equimolar mixtures of12CHClF2 and13CHClF2 has been demonstrated yielding tetrafluoroethylene containing 95% or 99%13C. Forward enrichment by selective decomposition of the13CHClF2 fraction was very efficient, absorbing only 6 and 16 eV, respectively, per carbon atom produced at 95% and 99%13C content.

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On leave from the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, Hirosawa, Wako-shi, Saitama, 351, Japan, Summer 1983

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