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Picosecond pulse transmission in germanium of various thicknesses

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The transmission of ultrashort pulses from a mode-locked Nd: glass laser in germanium of various thicknesses (3 to 8 μm) has been measured as a function of incident irradiance. Transmission is seen to increase with irradiance level in all samples. The degree of enhancement is greater for the thcker samples. At high excitation levels, thinner samples show a peaking of transmission, which does not occur in a thick sample. Taking the sample as composed of thin elements, the parameters characterizing the photoexcited electron-hole plasma have been found by assuming homogeneous excitation within each element. Theoretical curves thus obtained give good quantitative account of the experimental results. Peaking of transmission is seen to due to a balance between absorption enhancement in the front portion of the sample and absorption reduction in the back.

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