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Effect of temperature on osmotic and ionic regulation in goldfish,Carassius auratus L.

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Urine flow increased with acute temperature increases and showed temperature acclimation. When measured at 20 °C the urine flow of 10 °C acclimated fish was 3.2 times greater than the urine flow of 30 °C acclimated fish. In fish acclimated to 24 °C renal reabsorption of Na and Cl was independent of temperature over an intermediate range of temperatures (14–24 °C) but near the lower lethal temperature (6.5 °C) renal Na and Cl reabsorption was inhibited. Water permeability of the renal tubules was not affected by acute temperature change between 6.5 and 24 °C. Urine osmolality and urine Na, K and Cl concentrations showed nearly perfect temperature compensation in fish acclimated to 10 °C and 30 °C. The rate of renal excretion of Na and Cl showed temperature acclimation in that Na and Cl ecxretion measured at 20 °C was 7 to 8 times greater in 10 °C acclimated fish than in 30 °C acclimated fish. The rate of excretion of Na and Cl measured at 30 °C in 30 °C acclimated fish was approximately 1.7 times the rate of excretion measured at 10 °C in 10 °C acclimated fish.

The branchial uptake of Na, measured in tap water, of fish acclimated to 10, 20 and 30 °C in demineralized water increased with acute increases in temperature. When the three acclimation groups were compared at an intermediate temperature (20 °C), the 10 °C acclimated group showed the highest rate of net uptake, and the 30 °C group the lowest rate of uptake. This apparent temperature acclimation of Na uptake was correlated with differences in the plasma Na concentration of the three acclimation groups. Plasma Cl concentrations were also correlated with acclimation temperature in fish acclimated in demineralized water, but the rate of net Cl uptake was considerably less than that for Na. Sodium and Cl uptake in fish which had been acclimated in tap water was very variable and was not clearly affected by acute changes in temperature. Uptake of Na and Cl by fish held in tap water did not show temperature acclimation. The difference between uptake and excretion of fish acclimated in tap water was not significantly different from zero, indicating that the fish were in salt balance.

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The study was supported by National Institutes of Health Grant GM 16932-02 to Dr. Bodil Schmidt-Nielsen. I am grateful to Dr. Schmidt-Nielsen for many useful discussions during the course of this work.

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