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An integrated organic photoconductive detector for optoelectronics


In the system (poly-(N-vinyl carbazole) (PVK): trinitrofluorenone (TNF) a photoconductive complex is formed. Thin metal films are sputtered on BK7 glass substrates, forming two electrodes with 1 mm separation. The photoconductive complex is deposited from a solution in chlorobenzene/tetrahydrofurane on the glass substrate between the electrodes, forming a photoconductive detector. Photoconductivity of these planar detectors is studied using He-Ne laser light (λ=633 nm) as a function of electric field and for different TNF concentrations. An increase of photosensitivity is found for high TNF concentrations.

Time resolution of the photoconductive PVK:TNF detector is investigated using a ruby pulse laser (λ=694 nm). The possible use of such detectors in combination with other polymer lightguides is demonstrated. Compared to most polymer waveguide materials PVK exhibits a rather high refractive index ofn=1.7. Thus the coupling of light into the photoconductive film is achieved directly. The planar structure allows further integration of polymeric components for optoelectronics.

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