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All-thin-film GeAu thermistors for particle detection


All-thin-film thermistors for thermal detection of nuclear radiation are described. Co-evaporated Ge 1−xAux films were deposited on 7.5·7.5·0.25 mm Si chips, along with highly interdigitated gold electrodes patterned using photolithography. Values of α≡ d(ln R)/d(lnT) greater than 6 were obtainable at any desired operating temperature by varying x. A device was tested at 0.019 K in which the 200-digit electrode pattern used gave a sensitive GeAu region 20 µm long in the bias field direction, 2000 Å thick and effectively 50 cm wide perpendicular to the bias field (L/A=2.0 cm−1). The device had α=6.5, Ge/ph=8·10−12 W/K, heat capacity between 0.7 and 4.4·10−12 J/K, and optimum bias power 1.5·10−11 W. Thermal pulses from 60 KeV x-rays absorbed in the substrate at T≤0.07 K were easily detectible with this arrangement.

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Wang, X.X., Martoff, C.J. & Kaczanowicz, E. All-thin-film GeAu thermistors for particle detection. J Low Temp Phys 93, 349–354 (1993).

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  • Radiation
  • Gold
  • Heat Capacity
  • Magnetic Material
  • Operating Temperature