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Mitochondrial DNA replication in petite mutants of yeast: Resistance to inhibition by ethidium bromide, berenil and euflavine


Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) replication in petite mutants ofSaccharomyces cerevisiae is generally less sensitive to inhibition by ethidium bromide than in grande (respiratory competent) cells. In every petite that we have examined, which retain a range of different grande mtDNA sequences, this general phenomenon has been demonstrated by measurements of the loss of mtDNA from cultures grown in the presence of the drug. The resistance is also demonstrable by direct analysis of drug inhibition of mtDNA replication in isolated mitochondria. Furthermore, the resistance to ethidium bromide is accompanied, in every case tested, by cross-resistance to berenil and euflavine, although variations in the levels of resistance are observed.

In one petite the level of in vivo resistance to the three drugs was very similar (4-fold over the grande parent) whilst another petite was mildly resistant to ethidium bromide and berenil (each 1.6-fold over the parent) and strongly resistant (nearly 8-fold) to inhibition of mtDNA replication by euflavine. The level of resistance to ethidium bromide in several other petite clones tested was found to vary markedly. Using genetic techniques it is possible to identify those petites which display an enhanced resistance to ethidium bromide inhibition of mtDNA replication.

It is considered that the general resistance of petites arises because a product of mitochondrial protein synthesis is normally involved in facilitating the inhibitory action of these drugs on mtDNA synthesis in grande cells. The various levels of resistance in petites may be modulated by the particular mtDNA sequences retained in each petite.

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