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Polarization of3He-4He mixtures of high concentration using the Castaing-Nozières effect


Strongly polarized liquid mixtures of3He in4He of high concentration have been obtained for the first time, using quick melting of polarized3He solid in a 9 T field, inside a solid4He matrix (a variation of the Castaing-Nozières effect). We measured relaxation times which were as long as 4000 s for a 5.5% mixture at T=350 mK with a polarization enhancement Δ/Δ0≅15 where Δ0 is the equilibrium polarization in an external field of 9.3 T. We discuss an improved cell which will be used for similar experiments in a 15 T field.

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Frossati, G., Roobol, L.P., Steel, S.C. et al. Polarization of3He-4He mixtures of high concentration using the Castaing-Nozières effect. J Low Temp Phys 89, 297–306 (1992).

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