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Adenovirus-related RNA sequences in human neurogenic tumors

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Thirty two human tumours, mainly neurogenic, have been investigated for the presence of adenovirus-related RNA sequences.3H-labelled tumour virus DNA probes derived from human adenoviruses types 2 and 12, bovine adenovirus type 3, and avian adenovirus CELO were hybridized in-situ on tumour kryostat sections under conditions that detect complementary RNA. Tumour virus-related RNA was detected in 62% of all tumours tested, but was not detectable in normal human brain tissues. Expression of tumour virus-related RNA was found in 2/4 astrocytomas, 2/4 metastatic brain carcinomas, 2/2 glioblastomas, 1/1 melanoma, 5/7 meningiomas, 4/4 neurinomas, 1/2 oligodendrogliomas, and 1/1 rhabdomyosarcoma. The presence of adenovirus-related RNA in the majority of human neurogenic tumours may reflect a viral involvement in the pathogenesis of these tumours.

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