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Color signal correlation detection by matched spatial filtering

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A polychromatic correlation detection technique by complex spatial filtering is presented. This technique utilizes a diffraction grating and three co-lineared (red, green, and blue) coherent sources. The technique of complex spatial filter synthesis for the polychromatic corelation detection is demonstrated. This technique offers true color correlation detection which is very suitable for color signal recognition and identification. The correlation diffraction efficiency with this technique is generally higher than that of the wavelength-multiplexed technique. Several interesting experimental demonstrations of this color signal correlation detection scheme are provided. Finally we note that this color signal detection technique is a simple and versatile processing technique which has broad range of applications of complex color signal detection, recognition and identification.

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Yu, F.T.S., Chao, T.H. Color signal correlation detection by matched spatial filtering. Appl. Phys. B 32, 1–6 (1983).

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