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A new method for exact solution of transfer equations in finite media

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In this paper we develop a new exact method combined with finite Laplace transform and theory of linear singular operators to obtain a solution of transport equation in finite plane-parallel steady-state scattering atmosphere both for angular distribution of radiation from the bounding faces of the atmosphere and for intensity of radiation at any depth of the atmosphere. The emergent intensity of radiation from the bounding faces are determined from simultaneous linear integral equations of the emergent intensity of radiation in terms ofX andY equations of Chandrasekhar. The intensity of radiation at any optical depth for a positive and negative direction parameter is derived by inversion of the Laplace transform in terms of intergrals of the emergent intensity of radiation. A new expression of theX andY equation is also derived for easy numerical computation. This is a new and exact method applicable to all problems in finite plane parallel steady scattering atmosphere.

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Das, R.N. A new method for exact solution of transfer equations in finite media. Astrophys Space Sci 76, 441–463 (1981). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00687505

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  • Radiation
  • Integral Equation
  • Exact Solution
  • Angular Distribution
  • Transport Equation