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Intra-arterial chemotherapy using a reservoir for endocrine-refractory prostate cancer

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For local control in patients with endocrinerefractory prostate cancer, an intra-arterial chemotherapy regimen comprising methotrexate (MTX), Adriamycin (ADM), and cisplatin (CDDP) was evaluated. A total of 19 patients having a mean age of 66.4±8.8 years and a mean performance status (PS) of 1.3±1.0 were enrolled. Of these patients, 3 had proved to be resistant to initial endocrine therapy and the remaining 16 had relapsed from disease stabilization after endocrine therapy. The catheter tip was placed in the internal iliac artery in 16 cases, in the common iliac artery in 2 cases, and in the aorta in 1 case after occlusion of the contralateral feeding artery. The intra-arterial chemotherapy was performed mainly using MTX (30 mg/m2), ADM (30 mg/m2), and CDDP (50 mg/m2) as one course and was repeated for a mean of 2.9±2.3 courses. Then, in an outpatient clinic, 5-fluorouracil (5-FU), ADM, or MTX was given intra-arterially as maintenance chemotherapy until re-relapse. As based on the criteria for evaluation of nonsurgical therapy in prostate cancer proposed by the Japanese Urological Association, the prostatic lesion showed a partial response (PR) in 9 cases and no change (NC) in 10 cases. As judged from the response of prostate-specific antigen (PSA), a complete response (CR) was obtained in 6 cases, a PR, in 3 cases; and NC and progressive disease (PD), in 2 cases each. Therefore, the overall response rate was 63%. Improvement in the symptoms was observed in 83% of patients. The duration of the response was 15.1±10.5 months for the PR cases and 7.4±5.7 months for the NC cases. Furthermore, the mean survival time observed in the PR group was 38.9 months, which was better than that seen in the NC (16.4 months) and PD (10.5 months) groups. These results suggest that intra-arterial chemotherapy may become and option for the treatment of locally advanced and endocrine-refractory prostate cancers. Using a reservoir, this chemotherapy can be easily given in an outpatient clinic.

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