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Effect ofl-DOPA on motor behavior in a rat with a unilateral striatal neoplasm

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After administration ofl-DOPA to a rat with a unilateral striatal neoplasm of the nucleus caudatus-putamen, postural asymmetries and rotating behavior were observed. These observations are discussed in relation to the activity of catecholamines within the central nervous system.

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This work was supported by United States Public Health Service Research Grants NB 07044 and 1 S01 FR 5370 10.

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Griffith, D., Narotzky, R. & McLone, D. Effect ofl-DOPA on motor behavior in a rat with a unilateral striatal neoplasm. Acta Neuropathol 22, 269–271 (1972).

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Key words

  • l-DOPA
  • Neoplasm, Striatal
  • Motor Behavior
  • Rat
  • Catecholamines