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La-Sr-Nb-O film as a candidate for superconductor withT ce up to 255 K


A possible high-T c c superconductivity in a La-Sr-Nb-O film is reported. Onset of the resistive transition is at a temperature (T co ) of 315 K, with a zero-resistance state at a temperature (T ce ) of 255 K. Diamagnetization of about 5% that of the pure Nb superconductor and a noticeable current dependence ofT co andT ce are observed. The yield probability of this film is ∼50%. The characteristics were observed even 17 days after preparation. However, a thermal cycle (cooling and warming) of more than ten cycles gradually deteriorates the characteristics.

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Ōgushi, T., Hakuraku, Y., Honjo, Y. et al. La-Sr-Nb-O film as a candidate for superconductor withT ce up to 255 K. J Low Temp Phys 70, 485–492 (1988).

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  • Magnetic Material
  • Thermal Cycle
  • Resistive Transition
  • Yield Probability
  • Current Dependence