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Itinerant electron magnetism in the Mo4 tetrahedral cluster compounds GaMo4S8, GaMo4Se8, and GaMo4Se4Te4

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The specific heat and magnetic properties of GaMo4X8 (X=S, Se, SeTe) between 1.4 and 290 K are reported. Our measurements tend to demonstrate that these compounds have a very high density of states, leading to a Stoner magnetic instability of conduction electrons at low temperatures. The linear temperature-dependent term in the specific heat is enhanced by electron-phonon coupling and spin fluctuation effects. These compounds could indicate an electron-phonon contribution to the Stoner enhancement factor.

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Rastogi, A.K., Berton, A., Chaussy, J. et al. Itinerant electron magnetism in the Mo4 tetrahedral cluster compounds GaMo4S8, GaMo4Se8, and GaMo4Se4Te4 . J Low Temp Phys 52, 539–557 (1983). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00682130

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