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Anomalies of the magnetic properties of granular oxide superconductor BaPb1 −x Bi x O3

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Magnetization curves (M(H)) of granular samples of the oxide superconductor BaPb1 −x Bi x O3 show hysteretic behavior well below the lower critical mag netic fieldH c1 of the grains.M(H) curves contain two linear segments and can be described satisfactorily by two parameters: the upper and lower characteristic magnetic fields. The lower characteristic field corresponds to the end of theM(H) segment with nearly perfect diamagnetic susceptibility, while the upper one corresponds to the beginning of the second linear segment on theM(H) curve. The estimates of these parameters obtained in terms of the weakly coupled loops model are in good agreement with the experimental data. The effect of the BaPb1 −x Bi x O3 granular samples' sintering time on the magnetization curve as a way to control the weakly coupled system parameters is examined and discussed.

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