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Perception and operation in the definition of observable

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A discussion of the roles of assumption and abstraction in physics is presented, with emphasis on the fact that if abstractions are used long enough it becomes difficult to disentangle them from what is actually observed. The unclear meaning of the wordsame in the context of two observers measuring the same observable is also discussed. An observable is defined operationally as a list of instructions, and this definition also defines the wordsame in this context. Methods for the combination of these observables are presented. An observer decides whether or not a list of instructions is physically realisable by examining the states of the system, and it is shown how these states are based on the observer's powers of perception. Finally, an account of the operational nature of cellular space-time is given, the fuzzy nature of the cell boundaries is discussed, and it is shown how measuring rods consisting of ‘straight’ strings of cells may be constructed.

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  • Field Theory
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