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Effect of strain aging on the tendency of steel 38Kh5MSFA to fracture

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    Deformation up to 1.2% by stretching and aging at 200–300° of steel 38Kh5MSFA tempered at low temperature do not induce any changes in the values ofa p, σ b T , or Kc, nor the kinetics of crack development, i.e., do not increase the tendency of the steel to fracture.

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    Dynamic aging during deformation at elevated temperatures (200–300°) leads to an increase of the elongation and also the ultimate and yield strengths of steel 38Kh5MSFA.

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Translated from Metallovedenie i Termicheskaya Obrabotka Metallov, No. 4, pp. 54–59, April, 1974.

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Il'ina, V.P., Éntin, R.I. & Dubrovin, N.M. Effect of strain aging on the tendency of steel 38Kh5MSFA to fracture. Met Sci Heat Treat 16, 337–340 (1974). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00679230

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  • Yield Strength
  • Elevated Temperature
  • Strain Aging
  • Crack Development
  • Dynamic Aging