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Morphological alteration of gut-associated lymphoid tissue after long-term total parenteral nutrition in rats


The morphological alteration of gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) induced by long-term absence of dietary stimulation was investigated. Male Wistar rats weighing ∼230 g were maintained with total parenteral nutrition (TPN). Control rats were allowed to have the same amount of the solution orally. After two weeks, the morphological alteration of GALT was examined. Although no significant difference in weight gain was noted between the two groups, the area comprised by Peyer's patches was decreased in TPN rats. The number of transported lymphocytes and the ratio of helper T (Th) cells to suppressor/cytotoxic T (Ts/c) cells in intestinal lymph were lowered after TPN treatment. In an immunohistochemical study of the rat ileum, the number of T cells and the Th/Ts/c ratio were decreased both in the intraepithelial spaces and in the lamina propria of TPN rats. The percentage of interleukin-2 receptor-positive cells and the number of IgA-containing cells in the lamina propria were significantly reduced in TPN rats. These results suggest that dietary stimulation might play a role in the maintenance of GALT function and morphology.

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