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Post-flare coronal loop interaction


High-resolution images of post-flare loop systems in Fexiv (5303 Å) and Fex (6374 Å) display occasional transient enhancements at the projected intersection of some loops. The brightness of a green-line enhancement gradually increases to a marked maximum and then fades with a lifetime of the order of thirty minutes. The red-line image at the same location, although fainter, shows the same overall characteristics, its maximum following that of the green-line on average by 8.6 min. Hα then becomes more evident and reaches a maximum in extent on average 9.3 min after the red-line maximum. The phenomenon is interpreted as a process of localized loop coalescence involving partial magnetic reconnection. Estimates of the electron density are derived from the cooling time following the initial heating of the plasma in the immediate vicinity of the X-point of interaction. Similar estimates for the energy dissipated, equivalent to a very small flare, are derived by two independent methods.

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