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On the quantum field theoretic origin of a class of Brans-Dicke scalars


Within the context of a manifestly covariant massive Abelian gauge field model, it is demonstrated that a mass is genuinely compatible with the existence of a bonafide Goldstone boson. Some arguments have been placed to claim that this Goldstone boson may occupy a physical sector of the Hilbert space and as a consequence, at the zero momentum limit, is shown to connect the spectral measure to the bare coupling constant through the Higgs meson mass. It is conjectured that this Goldstone boson can be recognized to invoke a class of Brans-Dicke scalars of the scalar-tensor theory of gravitation.

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Das, A. On the quantum field theoretic origin of a class of Brans-Dicke scalars. Int J Theor Phys 19, 745–757 (1980).

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  • Hilbert Space
  • Field Theory
  • Quantum Field Theory
  • Field Model
  • Spectral Measure