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Atomic data relevant to line formation in strongly magnetized white dwarf stars

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The discovery of magnetic field strengths in the range of 500 million Gauss in the objects Grw+70°8247 and PG1031+224 has given enormous impetus to investigations of magnetic white dwarf stars. We have determined intensities of Balmer transitions for B>108 Gauss as a function of field and find strong oscillations of the transitions strengths, which are of importance to the quantitative analysis of the observed spectra and the interpretation of polarimetric measurements in these objects.

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Wunner, G., Geyer, F. & Ruder, H. Atomic data relevant to line formation in strongly magnetized white dwarf stars. Astrophys Space Sci 131, 595–599 (1987). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00668143

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