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Modeling far-infrared observations of young stellar objects

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We discuss high-resolution, far-infrared spatial observations of low mass embedded young stellar objects in the Taurus molecular complex. By comparing the observed spatial extent with the results of radiative transport models, we can estimate the density distribution of the envelopes. We compare the initial results for 4 objects (L1551-IRS 5, L1489-IR, L1551-NE, and L1527-IR) with star formation theories.

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Butner, H.M., Moriarty-Schieven, G.H., Ressler, M.E. et al. Modeling far-infrared observations of young stellar objects. Astrophys Space Sci 224, 77–80 (1995). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00667825

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Key words

  • star formation:theory
  • far infrared:observations
  • radiative transport:models
  • Young stellar objects:Taurus