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Neutron scattering from a deformed “vander Waals chain”-quasi Gaussian approximation


We calculate the neutron scattering form of an affinely deformed van der Waals chain, i.e., a labeled chain embedded in a network, whose deformation behavior can be described by an effective van der Waals equation in an effective Gaussian approximation. This provides microscopic information about the deformation behavior of van der Waals networks and complements the macroscopic information given by stress-strain relations.

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dedicated to Prof H.-G. Kilian on occasion of his 66th birthday

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Vilgis, T.A. Neutron scattering from a deformed “vander Waals chain”-quasi Gaussian approximation. Colloid Polym Sci 270, 431–436 (1992).

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Key words

  • Neutronscattering
  • rubberelasticity
  • van der Waalsnetwork