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Influence of Zr or Hf additions to Fe-23Cr-5Al on the protectiveness of preformed Al2O3 scales against sulfidation


An Fe-23Cr-5Al alloy and those containing 0.17 w/o Zr or 0.12 w/o Hf were oxidized to form α-Al2O3 scales in a flow of pure O2 at 1300 K for specified periods up to 400 ks, and subsequently sulfidized at 1200 K in an H2 −10% H2S atmosphere without intermittent cooling. The protectiveness of the preformed scale was evaluated by the protection time after which a remarkable mass gain takes place owing to the rapid growth of sulfides. In general, the protection time increases as the scale thickens. Both additives increase the protection time to some degree by forming more structurally perfect scales. However, ZrO2 particles on or near the outer surface of the scale on the Zr-containing alloy provide sites for sulfide formation. The scales formed on the grain boundaries of the Hf-containing alloy are ridged. The tops of the ridges are associated with cracks, which provide preferential sites for sulfide growth.

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Taniguchi, S., Shibata, T. Influence of Zr or Hf additions to Fe-23Cr-5Al on the protectiveness of preformed Al2O3 scales against sulfidation. Oxid Met 32, 391–404 (1989).

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Key words

  • Al2O3 scale
  • protectiveness
  • Fe-Cr-Al alloy
  • sulfidation
  • H2-H2S
  • Zr addition
  • Hf addition