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The effect of an Al2O3 dispersion on the adhesion of Al2O3 scales on aluminized Co-10% Cr alloys


The beneficial effect of dispersions of reactive-metal oxide particles on the adhesion of Cr2O3 and Al2O3 scales formed on heat-resisting alloys is wellknown. It has been shown that an Al2O3 dispersion in an alloy can improve the adhesion of a Cr2O3 scale, and it is of particular interest in assessing the various theoretical proposals for the effect to determine whether such a dispersion can affect the adhesion of an Al2O3 scale. In this investigation, a Co−10% Cr−1 % Al alloy was first internally oxidized to form an Al2O3 dispersion. This alloy was then aluminized so that on subsequent oxidation an Al2O3 scale developed. It was shown that the dispersion did indeed improve the scale adhesion. The implications of this result are discussed.

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Kingsley, L.M.C., Stringer, J. The effect of an Al2O3 dispersion on the adhesion of Al2O3 scales on aluminized Co-10% Cr alloys. Oxid Met 32, 371–378 (1989).

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Key words

  • Al2O2 dispersion
  • alumina scales
  • scale adhesion
  • internal oxidation