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Brittleness and characteristics of the fracture ofβ titanium alloys

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    It was found that the brittleness of β titanium is characterized by the same relationships as for iron-basedalloys—aductile-brittle transition temperature at a given impact toughness and limit ductility, approach of the ultimate and yield strengths to the same value at low temperature, appearance of brittle facets similar to the crystalline components in the fractures of steel samples, shift of the ductile-brittle temperature with changes in deformation rate, grain size, purity of the metal, scale of the samples, and cold working.

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    It was found that β titanium undergoes brittle fracture, the facets are sections of brittle fracture, and the facets can be used to judge the susceptibility of β titanium to brittle fracture.

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    The similarity of brittleness in metals with a bcc lattice was confirmed on the basis of β titanium and iron. The nature of brittleness is the same in β titanium-based and in iron based alloys.

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Translated from Metallovedenie i Termicheskaya Obrabotka metallov, No. 9, pp. 37–40, September, 1974.

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