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Recombination lines, lit by OH maser spectra, from radio opaque compact regions (II)

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Stimulated by powerful OH maser radiation, recombination lines dispersion parameters are theoretically studied. For nonresonant perturbation factor, as it is appeared to be, suitable recombination lines response is achieved only with fine effect of interference of photons, bound into finite maser linewidth.

The supposed parameters of lines as well as their number are found as functions of quantum numbers, radiation temperatures of maser sources. Compact regions plasma influence on these recombination lines is taken in considerations. Results of the calculations, mostly based on Paper I (this issue) are tabulated.

For optically thick media, as compact zones ofHii are at 18 cm, investigation of intrinsic regions of so-called star-cocoons by maser-stimulated lines would be a method to search after time variable details of molecular sources by themselves both with morphological peculiarities of compact zones.

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