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2800 Mg II emission in the most active radio stars

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Spectral recordings in the region near 2800 Å are examined from the IUE archives for the twenty most active radio stars, which are also close binary systems. In all of these spectra, the doublet k and h Mg II is seen in strong emission. We find that the observed fluxes of the magnesium doublet emission are directly proportional to the mean fluxes of the observed radio emission at the frequency of 8.4 GHz. The same correlation is found between the absolute luminosities of the radio emission and magnesium doublet emissions. It is argued that the source of both emissions, radio and magnesium doublet, is related to a high temperature stratified cloud located between the components of the binary system. The fluxes of the magnesium doublet emission of these sources are much larger, by one or two orders of magnitude, compared with the usual chromospheric magnesium emission seen in single stars.

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Gurzadyan, G.A., Rustambekyan, S.S. 2800 Mg II emission in the most active radio stars. Astrophys Space Sci 211, 171–177 (1994). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00658222

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