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On the propagation of chromospheric condensations in solar flares (II)

Evolution of the Mass Motion Velocity

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We study the evolution of the mass motion velocity in the chromospheric condensation, when it propagates into the deeper atmosphere. The condensation is represented by a shock-like structure. Its momentum equation can be solved after some approximations. The computations are carried out for two cases, i.e., the case that the gas pressure just behind the condensation front is constant and the case that the pressure increase at the top of the condensation is constant. The results show that the duration of the condensation in the second case is considerably longer than that in the first case. The most evident difference of the velocity evolution between the two cases appears in their later phase. A comparison of the results in this paper with the dynamic simulations indicates that the second case may be closer to the real situation.

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Ding, M.D., Fang, C. On the propagation of chromospheric condensations in solar flares (II). Astrophys Space Sci 213, 247–256 (1994).

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  • Atmosphere
  • Flare
  • Dynamic Simulation
  • Pressure Increase
  • Momentum Equation