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The technological and mechanical properties of some tungsten alloys


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    Extruded, rolled and forged rods have been produced from the vacuum-melted tungsten alloys: W−0.5 Ti, W−10 Mo−0.5 Ti, and W−0.5 Ti−0.1 Zr. To obtain good-quality rods from these tungsten alloys, an extention >4 must be used in extrusion.

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    The introduction of 10% Mo into the W−0.5 Ti alloy raises its strength at temperatures up to 2000°C and also improves the macrostructure and quality of the ingot, while maintaining adequate technological ductility.

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    The addition of 0.1% Zr to the W−0.5 Ti alloy sharply raises its recrystallization temperature and strengthens the alloy at 1500–1700°C, though working the alloy becomes more difficult.

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Central Scientific-Research Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy. Translated from Metallovedenie i Termicheskaya Obrabotka Metallov, No. 6, pp. 44–47, June, 1971.

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Klypin, B.A., Manegin, Y.V., Markin, V.G. et al. The technological and mechanical properties of some tungsten alloys. Met Sci Heat Treat 13, 490–493 (1971).

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