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Rigid star-shaped multipodes: molecules designed for molecular reinforcement


Star-like rigid multipodes consisting of an adamantane core and rigid oligophenylenes arms with various lengths were synthesized with the aim to induce molecular reinforcement effects in mixtures of such multipodes with polymer matrices. The expectations based on theoretical considerations were that multipodes display an enhanced solubility both in low molar mass solvents and in polymer matrices. We investigated the shape of such multipodes, their structure formation and dynamics in the condensed state as well as their miscibility. The finding is that the peculiar shape of such multipodes does not prevent a dense packing and crystallization in the condensed state. The solubility in low molar mass solvents can be enhanced by up to three orders of magnitude just by increasing the arm length by one phenyl group. Finally, we consider the properties of mixtures of such multipodes with polymer matrices.

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Correspondence to J. H. Wendorff.

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Schartel, B., Stümpflen, V., Wendling, J. et al. Rigid star-shaped multipodes: molecules designed for molecular reinforcement. Colloid Polym Sci 274, 911–919 (1996). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00656620

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Key words

  • Molecular reinforcement
  • rigid multipodes
  • miscibility
  • structure