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The kinematics of Trapezium-type systems

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In this paper the results of the research of the stars proper motions Trapezium components are reported. They are: the galactic coordinates of the solar aprx and the Sun velocity (L =43±18°,B =+28±13°,V =13±4 km s−1), the dispersion of peculiar velocities in the direction of the galactic coordinates for the above mentioned stars (σ l =±11 km s−1, σ b =±7 km s−1).The attained accuracy of the proper motions (±0.005″ yr−1) is shown to be insufficient to the study of internal space motions in these systems. At present the work to increase the relative proper motions accuracy for multiple system components and to improve reductions from the relative to absolute proper motions, is being carried out in the Main Astronomical Observatory (Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR). The new catalogue of the AGK3 stars is composed now in the vicinity of the galactic equator in order to improve reductions from the relative to absolute proper motions. The r.m.s. errors of the proper motions, obtained in the AGK3 system, are ±0.005″ yr−1.

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  • Proper Motion
  • Peculiar Velocity
  • Galactic Latitude
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